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Influencer Campaigns

AMERICANOIZE helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through Influencers Marketing and engagement methods using specialized tools and strategies. We help our clients to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective

Influencer Strategy

At Americanoize, we connect brands with their best matching influencers: the "fresh/new voices", the “on their way” personalities, the "already known" characters, and the "well-established" and experienced influencers. They will include your product/service into their "everyday life" instagram feed, sharing it with their loyal followers.

Influencer Events

Exhibiting at an event or trade show, is all about creating buzz and getting your brand as much exposure as possible. Where other traditional means of marketing fail, Influencer Marketing offers the perfect mix of benefits, such as Targeting followers within your niche, promoting to a highly engaged audience, displaying your brand outside of your own reach, gaining trust by brand association with the influencers.

Content Creation

Content is king in social media and the key for Influencers to differentiate themselves from each other among their audiences. Influencers are communicators who open doors to universes of loyal followers can easily and organically amplify messages, stories, establish or further develop images, connecting brands and individuals at each posting.

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Who is an Influencer?

Your best friend, your trusted word of mouth, your original content creator. The classic adv as paper magazines, tv, radio are outdated. We have some secrets to reveal you to create a cost-effective influencers campaign.

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The Method

We perform our Campaign following 5 fundamental steps:
The precise pick-up of the influencers based on their focus-target, audience, gender, geo-localization and relevant content.
To track results from any acquisition campaign and improve your paid marketing efforts, once the content is live, we track the followers clicks to monitor the conversion on your website. 
Share the content and optimize the action. Save and repost the influencer content, promoting it on your social network. Duplicate the power!
Measure your action: combine the promoted + the organic reach/impressions to evaluate your total campaign result. Working with professional influencers we have access to their IG page checking in real-time their organic numbers.
  Boost your campaign with our secret cocktail!

Influencer Events

The Secret Cocktail

For a 100% success influencer campaign, combine your actions mixing our tools: Backlink Strategy Press Release Distribution, Web Traffic Boost, Keyword-research strategy. Never trust to work only on influencers, you need to boost your campaign with our special cocktail.

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The Difference

Be relevant with your influencer campaign. Tell stop to fake followers, vague targeting, bad content, and vanity metrics. Boost your campaign with special promotions, new offer, giveaways. Inform your audience with your new collections and updates. Use the right keywords. Fine setup your e-commerce and drive real results.

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